HumanOur human resources policy works side by side with the message and the vision, for developing bottled water industry in Libya, our management aims to communicate with employees and motivate them to increase production in order to achieve the company's goals in covering water shortage in the local market by training them in accordance with the highest standards and creating perfect work environment.
The company's human resources department seeks to enhance its staff performance, which is reflected on their productivity and efficiency to achieve company's goal, So that we can meet the expectations of the Libyan consumer, by studying both needs of the consumer and the market.
The company also support and encourage the ideal employee, thus we believe that our human resource comes within the capital of the company and without them our touch in the market will vanish.
The success of Shaima depends to a large scale on the quality of employees and their contribution to the development of the company, ignoring such a vital factor in developing the bottled water industry is a serious mistake precisely in work management, therefore, training must be present to support the employee and create professional and suitable atmosphere.