Social Responsibility

CommunityIn Shaima we recognize that any institution success in its contributions to its social responsibility towards the individual, society and the surrounding environment, through plans integration and commercial objectives with social responsibility that lies upon us.
Shaima believes in the importance of setting an example for launching social and humanitarian initiatives characterized with good impact on society, whether it is supporting initiatives to preserve the environment or initiatives that encourage the development of the educational process that Libyan society lacks.
Shaima Company seeks to help developing the society in many aspects in life, as a national leader company in bottled water industry which is reflected in our commitment to the highest environmental standards, especially in protecting the environment from industrial waste, besides we support producers and consumers effort in pursuit of the overall benefit of all parties.
Shaima is committed to participate in different social and humanitarian initiatives, owing to the belief in the society's development, also it subsidize those most in need in tandem with the achievement of the company's objectives and growth, since its inception, the company supported many programs which aimed at preserving the environment, health care settings and developing the educational process.
Shaima is keen to participate in a variety of projects and initiatives, though it devotes more attention to initiatives that focus on the environment and education.