About Us

aaSince its establishment in April 2013, Shaima Ltd Co. for Food industry has been aiming to cover the local market with its needs from drinking water and in accordance with Libyan safety requirements.
The company's headquarters is located in Al-Sikt area, with a total area about 12,700 square meters. Developing the mineral water industry in the local market by working with experienced people in this field was among the top list of the company's priorities.
The company has been working since its foundation on covering water deficiency in the local market, so the company had a plan to expand and opened new line in March 2016 with capacity production of 18,000 bottles of water per hour. The company takes into consideration the highest level of quality by implementing control system at all production stages, from collecting raw materials and sand filtration to filter impurities, going through desalination for salt inspection so that water does not lose its features. And tow sterilization process with UV and OZONE, in the final phrase, packaging take place which is not touched by any human hands at all production stages.
Shaima Company works in accordance with the Libyan health regulations and following international standards for water quality, by adopting these standards the company obtained (ISO) for food safety and packaging EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 22000:2005, besides, obtaining Libyan conformity certificate.
Despite many other companies working in the same field in the Libyan market, Shaima has a reputation through providing pure water and that led the company to open about 19 distribution center for its products in Libya.